Zar Cable Kerman


Kerman Zarcable co. is manufacturer of various types of wires and cables with aluminum and copper conductors in low voltage level.

This company with taking the advantage of 12 years of experience is producing for different kinds of industries such as: Steel Industries, Power Plant, Oil and Gas, Petro Chemistry, Constructional, Water and Sewage, Railway Industries and all civil projects including, Tourism, Agricultural, Airports, High ways, Dams and etc.

Production departments including: cables and wires halls, producing various types of insulators, supplying and preparing peripheral facilities such as engineering and technical equipment structure, spooling, pallet, a system of raw material storages and final products, also the area of productions site, testing and delivering in 100.000 m², storage spaces and other facilities in 20.000 m². the management’s main office and commercial department is located in the north-west of Tehran.



"Zar Cable Kerman"​ company is one of the major manufacturer of LV wires and cables since 14 years ago in Iran.

Due to the fact that the CEO and all management departments insist on high quality products for international satisfaction, Zar Cable Kerman hold CE certifications for different types of products beside other domestic and foreign approvals.

Company Timeline

* Zar Cable Kerman company was established in 2001 as a Private Held Company.

* In 2005, it came to operation by the aim of manufacturing different kinds of low voltage wires and cables for mainly construction purposes. After a short period and because of high quality products, Zar Cable Kerman achieved a remarkable situation among rivals in domestic market.

* This reputation promoted us in 2009 to install new high-tech machineries in new facility to keep on producing low voltage wires and cables beside coaxials, telecommunications, RG series.

* In 2011, in regard to international standards, we updated equipments and most complexed aluminum and copper cables were produced.

* In 2014, a new company “Zar Polymer” was established by the aim of supporting needed PVC raw materials based on A, B and C classification, PVC compounds, XLPE and halogen free for insulation.

This company has produced over than 500 models of cables and wires in 40 different categories. We are able to support different kinds of industries such as: automobile, airport, building, communication, control, infrastructures, mining, oil and gas, renewable and solar energies, ship and marine.

Since 2012, Zar Cable Kerman laboratory has been considered as collaborative testing laboratory in Iran for executing a variety of special tests such as Electrical, Insulation resistance, conductor resistance, voltage, mechanical and fire tests.